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As previously mentioned, Random Taco Talk is a work in progress. Apparently, my whole life is a work in progress, but rest assured, I am nothing, if I am not thorough. So, while you are learning with me, try learning this AMAZING  Mahi Mahi Taco recipe by clicking this link,  How to Feed a Loon and check out their yummy blog!

Have I tried these amazing tacos? Hell, no! I don’t have time to make amazing new tacos. Alas,  it’s a small sacrifice to make for a brand strategy ladyboss. If you have time to make amazing tacos, please let me know how they are in the comments below the blog post. Can’t wait to hear!


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I have always considered myself a fine artist first, a business woman second, and lastly a designer. I never felt like I would be among award winning graphic designers. My graphic design professor told me my typography skills were weak, and I failed that little kids’ art test in the mail. You know the one where you get to draw a pirate? My pirate was epic! The design aspect, however, was an epic fail. I was in third grade! What did I know? 

The important thing is, what I have come to know in my 47 years of life on this planet. Firstly, I AM a designer. A DESIGNER of ALL THINGS! What does that even mean? It means I solve problems and I design solutions. People come to me for advice about anything ranging from their business ideas and how to execute them, to relationship advice. Sometimes, I feel like I missed my calling. Ummm, Dr. Ruth…? Btw, please don’t call me with your love life questions.

The second thing that I have learned is that you can accomplish anything, if you are willing to commit and be open to education. Wait, not just open to education, you have to be THIRSTY for EDUCATION. That’s right, you have to be one thirsty, well, you know what I was going to say. You have to want it, and understand that there is always something to be learned in this life.

I have learned how to become an accomplished graphic designer. I have learned how to sing! I am still learning. The thing is, you have to know where your strengths are, and one of your strengths should be knowing your weaknesses without fear. If you know your weaknesses, you can strengthen them. If that isn’t possible, you can relinquish your ego,  and let someone else be captain of the universe. Even better, you can contract out the captain of the universe, and make a finder’s fee.

Just like my life, my story is also a work in progress. Therefore, expect some future edits, changes, and add ons to this collection of tiny black letters.

May you be inspired, and may you make things happen!

–  Michelle Zareas


In the mean time…

While you are clamoring for free education and to become an elite member of my Random Taco eating tribe. Please educate yourself in the art of making fish tacos, by learning how to make these AMAZING Mahi Mahi Tacos at How to Feed a Loon.


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